Hazardous Material Shipping Mistakes

Does your business ship products and goods to customers across the country? There’s a special set of rules to follow in such an event. Don’t make any of the mistakes below when shipping hazardous materials. The mistakes listed here are made more often than necessary, putting the lives of many people at risk in the process. Spending a bit of time learning more about hazardous material shipping is the easiest way to avoid problems.

Mistake One: Transportation

There are a few ways to transport hazardous materials. Each option has some pros and cons to consider. Furthermore, research the transportation option in advance to ensure that it meets regulatory requirements. The more that you know about the transportation services san antonio tx the better.

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Mistake Two: It’s Not a Hazardous Material

Don’t assume that an item isn’t hazardous and attempt to ship it by regular mail. Such a decision could lead to substantial trouble, including fines. Some people wrongly assume that guns, ammunition, and other similar items are hazardous materials, but this list of items is lengthy. Dry ice, lithium ion batteries, patient specimens, electronic devices among the items labeled hazardous.

Mistake Three: Returning Items

Another common mistake occurs when a customer receives an item that is incorrect that must be sent back. They’re unaware of the need to mail the package separate. The company sending the package is responsible for such an act in most case. However, if you’re company is responsible for return shipping, it could be you who pays if the items are shipped back correctly.

Nobody’s perfect and mistakes are bound to happen. However, if we can take a few extra steps to avoid making those mistakes so often, isn’t it worth that effort? Don’t make the mistakes above when shipping hazardous materials and keep stress out of your business life.