Push to Start, But for Doors

Keys used to be the only way to open a locked door, aside from doing something illegal. However, innovative technology has come a long way and now keyless entry is an option that is employed by many businesses today. Access control systems Denver professionals can bring keyless access to your building, giving you peace of mind and a cutting-edge security system.

Keyless access gives you control over who enters and exits your establishment at all points. This is extremely handy for rooms with restricted access, preventing infiltration and breaches of information. Employees no longer need a ring of several keys corresponding to different areas of the building, with a card they have instant access to all the space they need for a productive workday.

Access control systems Denver

Using cards instead of the traditional key cuts costs by skipping the process of cutting keys. Keys are also smaller, and easier to lose – which means constantly replacing lost keys so that employees can have access. Access cards are easy to activate and deactivate, and cost less to replace than keys.

Formerly employed persons could have an extra key lying around that they thought they lost, and instantly an unauthorized party has access to your sensitive information. Unless you plan to re-key the locks every time an ex-employee has not turned in a key before termination, investing in a keyless security system is a much more feasible option.

Access cards allow you to remotely terminate or downgrade key cards if need be, and they’re much harder to duplicate. These features of keyless access make it easy to track who has access to your building, and they are easy to distribute to new employees as well as to replace.

Converting your business can increase your long-term savings, and keep you protected from any issues associated with unauthorized entry into your private business establishment.